Icebreaker FAQs

Yes, please read our cold water swim tips and safety advice before attempting any cold water swimming / challenge.

You need to be able to be responsible for your own safety when taking part in an icebreaker challenge.

Please do not attempt this challenge in open water if you are not a confident swimmer. If you take part in a pre-booked slot at a lido or one of our in-person events, please let the lifeguard know and make sure you enter the pool at the shallow end. Do not try entering the pool without a lifeguard present, and without making them aware.

Our Crisis Icebreaker in-person event will have lifeguards and first aiders present, but you cannot rely on them entirely for your safety. If you do not feel confident enough in your ability, why not try a challenge which would not require swimming, like an icy bath or shower at home.

You can only register one person at a time. Please email swim@crisis.org.uk if you have any questions about this.

If you are entering the in-person event as a team, please ensure you sign up individually.

If you signed up to the DIY Icebreaker, your swimming cap will be posted to you.

Yes of course – we’d love to see pictures of your event.

If you use twitter, tag us using @Crisis_UK and use the hashtag #Icebreaker, on Instagram you can find us @crisis_uk, or share them straight to the Facebook Group (link here)

You can also send them by emailing us at swim@crisis.org.uk

Yes, an onsite café will be available at both our Brockwell and Parliament Hill events. We will be offering free hot drinks and biscuits for participants at our Tooting event.

At our in-person Icebreaker events you may bring people along with you, please email us if you would like more than a handful of people to join you so we can check with the lido’s capacity.

Don’t forget to share what you are doing with your friends and family in case they might want to join in too!

If you are doing your challenge at a local lido, or open water, you must be over 18. If you are doing your challenge at home and are under 18, you must be under the supervision of an adult. So yes, your children may take part as long as your challenge is at home, and they are under your supervision.

Please email swim@crisis.org.uk to let us know. Your registration fee for both the DIY challenge and our in-person Icebreaker events are non-refundable.

The DIY event will run from 1 Dec to 28 Feb so if you wish to complete your challenge later on, you may.

You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in as long as it is lightweight, so this could be a swimsuit or fancy dress.

Please make sure that you don't wear anything that will become too heavy to swim in when it gets wet.

Please wear your swim cap during your challenge to retain body heat.

Bring a towel, warm clothes to change into when you have finished, including thick socks, a warm hat, gloves and a scarf. For DIY challenge participants, if you do not have access to food and drink you might want to bring a flask of hot tea/coffee and something to eat with you.

If you have registered via the Crisis website, you will automatically be sent to your online fundraising page via JustGiving. The money raised will come to Crisis directly, you will not need to do anything.

If you would like to order more materials, you can order/download them directly here
If you'd like help with something not available to order on our website, please email us at swim@crisis.org.uk 

Travel - You should check the rules at your destination if you’re planning to travel for your Icebreaker challenge as there may be restrictions in place.

Do not travel if you have COVID-19 symptoms or are self-isolating. Get a test and follow the stay at home guidance.

Sports facilities - If you are planning on doing your DIY Icebreaker challenge in a sports facility, please check the venue are happy for you to complete your challenge at their location, and if they have any safety conditions in place that you need to comply with.

Yes, all of our London events will have toilets and hot showers available to participants.

In terms of participation in our in-person event, unfortunately there is no wheelchair access into the pool.

Our DIY challenge is a great option as there are a number of ways to feel the freeze such as having an icy cold shower, dipping feet into a bucket of ice or finding a safe place where you can safely access the water.

If you would like to support someone at one of our in-person Icebreaker events, you may attend as a spectator and watch the challenge at the poolside. You will have access to the toilets as a spectator.