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Icebreaker Scotland

Are you looking for a new challenge? Icebreaker is for you!

Due to low uptake, our exclusive cold-water challenge in the amazing Joana Vasconcelos: Gateway pool set in the beautiful grounds of Jupiter Artland on 20 January 2024 has been cancelled. 

Still looking for your cold-water challenge? The DIY Icebreaker is the perfect fit, letting you can adapt it to your location, comfort levels and abilities.  

Whether it’s ice bucket challenges, ice baths, outdoor paddling pool dips, wild swimming or cold showers, no idea is too big or too small and we will be here to support you with your plans.

Your registration fee will help someone start their journey out of homelessness. 


The Icebreaker Challenge is supported by Bensons for Beds.


Download digital resources to help with your fundraising.

This event is now closed