The 10 October marks World Homeless Day

Here at Crisis, we believe that a future without homelessness is within our reach. The 10 October is your chance to help us get one step closer to ending homelessness for good. 

Every day, nearly 200,000 households across Great Britain go without the safety or comfort of their own home. Vital funds are needed to tackle the causes of homelessness and get people the help they need quickly.  

This World Homeless Day take action with your school, youth group, family or friends, and join groups of young people from across the UK to raise awareness of homelessness and the right for every person to have somewhere safe and secure to call home. Every penny you raise will help end homelessness for good.

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It’s no coincidence that this year world homeless day and world mental health day are happening on the same day. The mental toll of homelessness is often invisible but is very real. People can feel lonely, isolated and ashamed.  

Home, a safe place to be ourselves is vital to us all and a future where everyone has a home is within our reach.

Activity ideas

We’ve got lots of ideas about how you can get involved, and resources to support you in what you’re planning. Here are just a few ways you could mark World Homeless Day.

Wear red and white

Choose a day to dress in the Crisis colours of red and white and make a donation as part of your activity.

What does home mean to you?

Draw, paint, collage or take pictures to create a masterpiece that sums up what makes your house a home.

Non-uniform day

Choose a day to have as your non-uniform, and encourage everyone to bring in donation as part of the day.

Race to end homelessness

Why not take on a running challenge? Choose your distance and challenge each other to a race to end homelessness.

Campaign to end homelessness

Since 1967 Crisis has campaigned for an end to homelessness. But we know we can’t do it on our own. Write to your local MP or create a vlog about the importance of ending homelessness for good.

Consider what a world without homelessness would look like

Discuss as a group or class what you think a world without homelessness would look like, create a poster of your answer and share it with your community to inspire them!

Odd Sock Day

Choose a day to wear odd socks (or shoes) - the brighter and more colourful the better! Then encourage the group or class to bring in a pound as part of their donation to Crisis.

Run an educational session

Spread the message about why everyone should have somewhere safe and secure to call home and run an awareness-raising session about ending homelessness.