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Property Sector – Ending Homelessness Together

Steve Bolton, founder of property franchise Platinum Property Partners, is bringing the property sector together on 3 July, to discuss a bold, ambitious and achievable vision to end homelessness in Great Britain.


Having worked in the property sector for the past 15 years, Steve believes in the right to adequate housing and shelter.

Steve Bolton said: “The only way that we stand any chance of ending homelessness is for all stakeholder groups working together with a common purpose. The days of apportioning blame and finger pointing must end. For homelessness to be eradicated, as we’ve seen is possible from several cities abroad; Crisis sum it up perfectly; “Together we will end homelessness.”


Jon Sparkes, Crisis Chief Executive, said:
“We’re thrilled that Steve has chosen to support us in our mission to end homelessness.

jon_sparkes“Across the country thousands of people are needlessly suffering life on the street or stuck in hostels and B&Bs. This simply cannot carry on when we know that homelessness is not inevitable.

“We are extremely grateful for Steve’s support, which will help to shine a light on this urgent issue, and ensure that more people have a safe and stable place to call home.”

“It will take hard work and commitment to achieve but we know the solutions are there to ensure that, on the rare occasion people do lose their homes, we have the right safety nets in place to catch them."

"Because in 21st century Britain no one should ever find themselves without the dignity and stability of a safe home.”  

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Mike's story

mike"I got advice from Crisis and spoke to my local Council, which led to me getting a Discretionary Housing Payment. It was a huge help. If that hadn’t happened I would have eventually been homeless and I dread to think how I would have coped with it.

“My benefits have now been sorted out and I receive a limited work capacity payment, so I can finally afford the rent. I still think it’s wrong that I have to use this to top up my housing benefit.

“It just isn’t possible in lots of areas to find a property without having to top up the rent, which then leaves you desperately short in other areas. You should never have to choose whether to eat or pay rent.

“My Housing Coach at Crisis changed everything, and I still get help with my mental wellbeing now. The support I received from Crisis has been phenomenal and without it I am not even sure that I would still be here. I am now volunteering in the café at Crisis and it is my ambition to become a pastry chef.”

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