Housing-led transition

Working with you at any stage of your housing-led transition journey

Housing-led or Rapid Rehousing approaches get someone into their own home as quickly as possible, providing them with the support they need to make it work. This minimises the time spent in temporary accommodation and the number of moves someone has to make before they move into a permanent home. Housing First is one form of Housing-led solution to homelessness, which supports people with the most complex needs. Housing-led is a whole system approach, which seeks to apply the principles of the Housing First model to the homelessness system.

Governments in Scotland and Wales have made clear their commitment to “Rapid Rehousing Transition” with Scottish local authorities already part way through the implementation of local Rapid Rehousing Transition Plans. These now need to adapt to the “new normal” following the pandemic. Some local areas have used the “Everybody In” response to the pandemic as a platform to start shifting to a more comprehensive housing-led system. Alongside the three government-sponsored Housing First pilots in England, 2020 research reveals a remarkable growth in Housing First provision across the country - a tripling of the number of services since 2017. 

Despite this, we are still overly-dependent on emergency and temporary accommodation solutions that manage homelessness at increasing cost. We must use this growing appetite and evidence base to support efforts to end homelessness, and Housing-led transition needs to be a fundamental part of this. 

Our Consultancy Service provides a flexible offer of support and user-centric approach that can be tailored to the needs of your service and local area, at whatever stage of your housing-led transition journey. This could include: 

  • Rapid rehousing pathways and transition 
  • Commissioning models and structures 
  • Housing First services 
  • Hostel remodelling
  • PRS access schemes 
  • Social housing allocation 
  • System audits and feasibility studies 
  • “By name list” approaches 
  • Accompanying workforce development 

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