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Where possible, it is better to work with someone to prevent their homelessness, rather than trying to resolve the problem when they are at crisis point.

There are different ways that homelessness can be prevented, depending on the person who is approaching you for help:

  • Speedy access to financial support
  • Tenancy sustainment through negotiating with private and social landlords
  • Intervening before individuals leave state institutions
  • Family mediation
  • Support for victims of domestic violence
  • Multi-agency working.

Find out more about preventing homelessness.

Supporting local authorities to prevent homelessness

The Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA) required local authorities to intervene earlier to prevent homelessness. We worked with five local authorities to help them implement the new duties, and have now established a consultancy service and local authority practice network to support local areas going forward.

We are also delighted to have secured funding from the Oak Foundation to partner with six local authorities in Wales. Our project will support the identification and development of local solutions to reduce the number of people 'falling out' of the Housing (Wales) Act legislation.

The project started in January 2021 and we will share tools and findings on an ongoing basis. Please get in touch at if you would like more information.

Prevention in Scotland

During Prevention Review Group (PRG) stakeholder meetings for the Scottish Government, we heard from many organisations doing brilliant homelessness prevention work.

Given that upcoming changes to the law are likely to take several years, in 2022 we published a new guide to help frontline practice anticipate and inform the future direction of legislation. Titled 75 ways to prevent homelessness, the guide is a collection of practical examples to share, inspire and add to.

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