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No One Left Out is Crisis’ campaign to change the law in Wales so that no one is left out of homelessness support because of who they are, where they live or how they became homeless.

There’s been progress in recent years to improve the law in Wales, but at the moment some people are still turned away from housing support.

It’s only right that people who are homeless get the help they need. 
In the run up to the Senedd elections this year, we're calling for political parties in Wales to commit to changing the law and putting in place the local policies and approaches needed to end homelessness.  

Join us by asking your local candidates to make it a priority to change homelessness laws so that no one is left homeless and without help. 

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No One Left Out interactive tool

Imagine you’re facing homelessness in Wales. Will you be left out of support, or can you get help from your council to find a stable home?

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No One Left Out Report

 Read Crisis’s report on the issue



Campaign briefing

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Crisis’s wider calls for the elections 



All parties in Wales must commit to making ending homelessness and helping people into safe and stable housing a priority in this election. Yn etholiadau hyn, mae rhaid i wleidyddion ymrwymo at roi terfyn ar ddigartrefedd a sicrhau bod helpu pobl i sicrhau tai diogel a sefydlog yn flaenoriaeth.